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  • Complete Lawn Care

  • Lawn & Yard Design Consultation

  • Lawn Edge Trimming

  • Lawn Mowing

  • Lawn Rolling

  • Lawn Dethatching & Sweeping

  • Lawn Spreading

  • Brush Removal

  • Shrub & Plant Pruning & Shaping

  • Small Tree Pruning

  • Planting & Transplanting

  • Snow Damaged Plant Rejuvenation

  • Edging Installation & Repair

  • Small Stump Removal

  • Pest Identification

  • Holes Dug & Filled

  • Mulch Management Solutions

  • ​Fence Repair & Installation

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CT Total Home Solutions LLC

​​Advanced Lawncare & Landscape Services

     ​As some companies grow they often begin to focus on the easier profits of bigger commercial jobs, forgetting their loyal residential clients higher expectations along the way. In many situations It is implied that "commercial" quality exceeds "residential" quality, but when it comes to landscaping or even simply lawn mowing, the standards are almost always reversed.

     Our lifetime obsession with lawn care and gardening has made it impossible for us to not love caring for your plants and lawn as if it was our own. We know the difference between your hydrangea's and your rhododendron's, the best time to plant, the best time to transplant, when to trim, and what may try to eat them. With years of experience here in southeastern Connecticut, we know what works and how to accomplish it as efficiently and affordable as possible

If you don't see it listed below, ask us, we won't tell you we can do something we can't, and when we can't, our partner network of professional specialists almost always can get it done as timely and with the same attention to detail we demand from ourselves.

     There's a lot of landscaping companies these days that probably should call themselves lawn mowers, they do very little aside of chop grass quickly, race around with a string trimmer aggressively, leaf blow the drive & walk, pack up and go. At the office or a box store parking lot this is practical and acceptable, but for a homeowner that takes pride in the appearance of their home, a higher standard should be expected. 

Yard Solutions

  • Small Rock Removal

  • Dry Fit Stone Wall Repair

  • General Stonework

  • Spot Grading

  • Driveway Washing

  • Pool Patio Washing

  • Yard & Pool Furniture Washing

  • Deck Cleaning & Repair

  • Patio Cleaning & Repair

  • Planting Bed Design & Installation

  • Weed Barrier Installation

  • Poison Ivy Removal (Where Practical)

  • Walkway Cleaning & Resurfacing

  • Overgrown Shrub Removal

  • Mulch & Woodchips Spread

  • Topsoil Spread

  • Stone & Gravel Spread

  • Garage In A Box Assembly

  • Shed Kit Assembly

  • ​Firewood Stacked & Covered

     While professional machines are  made to work faster and can speed up the process, moving to fast near an expensive 10 year old rare ornamental tree can cause irreparable damage to its trunk in seconds, or trimming like a robot along a flower bed edge... when suddenly its clear the first row of the customers annual flowers were a little closer then you thought, and no matter how much noise or smoke you make with it, there are some places that a leaf blower is just not going to get that last bunch of leaves. This is why we still use rakes, and shovels, and many other traditional tools in addition to our  state of the art modern equipment to give our customers the live in gardener look they want.