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  • Weed Removal & Prevention

  • Rodent Fence Installation

  • Cold Frame Design

  • Keyhole Garden Design

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  • ​Herb Walls

  • Hanging Bag Planters

  • Companion Planting

As with all of our services, If we don't list it below, don't hesitate to ask us, If we can do it we will, if we cant, we wont tell you we can.

     The benefits of growing your own vegetables far exceeds saving money by not buying them, they are cleaner, fresher, and free of any pesticides or other chemicals that store bought produce may have encountered in addition to tasting better. New systems can put your tomato plants right on your deck, or perhaps a living wall of strawberries  you can pluck from your patio chair, the possibilities are endless, almost no situation is impossible to get extraordinary results. 

     Everyone loves bright flowers and fresh vegetables, but over time many people have just resolved to believe that a garden is too much work. Thanks to many advances in technique and design today, having a low maintenance space intensive garden is easier then ever. These types of gardens can be built at greater height, preventing pests, and eliminating the stress of bending or kneeling to reach them, making them ideal for seniors and the handicapped. 

Garden Solutions


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     Our passion with gardening doesn't stop with growing vegetables, our extensive knowledge of flowering plants, shrubs, bushes, herbs and others allows us to come up with natural solutions to pest problems, water and soil retention issues, or to just make a fabulous landscape of flowering plants for you to enjoy. We are constantly searching out and testing new ways to improve conditions and reduce maintenance while ensuring an enjoyable hassle free experience for our gardening customers. 

  • Garden Design & Installation

  • Garden Layout & Planting
  • Soil Turning / Tilling
  • Soil Amending
  • Container Garden Setup
  • Raised Bed Installation
  • Plant Support Design
  • Annual Bed Planting

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